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Sesame oil

Posted on 19 September, 2020 || 0 Comments

Sesame oil is derived from a plant species called Sesamum indicum, which is a herbaceous annual belonging to the Pedaliaceae family that reaches about 6 ft (1.8 m) in height.…

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Alpha–hydroxy acid

Posted on 7 September, 2020 || 0 Comments

Alpha–hydroxy is a chemical compound derived from fruit and milk sugars. Alpha–hydroxy acids (AHAs) are used in topical skin care products to exfoliate, or slough away, dead skin cells and…

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Uses of castor oil

Posted on 9 August, 2020 || 0 Comments

Castor oil is a natural plant oil obtained from the seed of the castor plant. The castor seed, or bean, is the source of numerous economically important products as one…

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