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Apricot kernel

Posted on 26 September, 2020 || 0 Comments

Apricot alomonds are the small kernel enclosed within the wood–like pit at the center of the apricot fruit. The apricot tree carries the botanical name Prunus armeniaca. It is a…

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Posted on 25 August, 2020 || 0 Comments

Selenium (Se) is a nonmetallic element. No commercially important ores of selenium exist. It is usually obtained as by-product in the refining of copper sulfide, with which it occurs as…

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Posted on 24 August, 2020 || 0 Comments

Cannabinoids are the chemical components of Cannabis, which is a genus of plant from which marijuana is produced. A variety of cannabinoids exist, and some are psychologically active.Cannabinoids are used…

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Gerson therapy

Posted on 22 July, 2020 || 0 Comments

Gerson therapy aims to treat the whole person, not just symptoms. It is a general cleansing therapy for the entire body. The therapy can achieve the following: detoxification, restoration of…

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Cancer-fighting foods

Posted on 5 July, 2020 || 0 Comments

Research on the link between foods and cancer tends to focus on two components: phytochemicals and antioxidants. Phytochemicals are plant-based substances that are believed to have positive effects on human…

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