Herbal remedies for leucorrhoea

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Leucorrhoea, generally known as whites, connotes a whitish discharge from the female private parts.
This is an unusual disease condition of the reproductive organs of women. This situation may go on for weeks or months at a stretch. If not taken of appropriately in the initial stages, it may develop into chronic phase. In a simple term, leucorrhoea implies a commonly devitalized and toxic state of the system, occasioned by erroneous feeding habits. Each time the body is encumbered with toxins and the organs of elimination like the skin, bowels, lungs, and kidneys are not able to remove them, in women body there is copious discharge through the mucous membrane of the uterus and vagina in the variety of leucorrhoea. In women of younger age, leucorrhoea may happen during their intermenstrual periods as a result of the hardening of the mucous membrane in the reproductive organs.

Herbal Remedies

  • Amaranth is an excellent herbal remedy for taking care of leucorrhoea. The rind of the root of this herb should be grinded in 25 ml of water. It should then be filtered and administered to the patient every day, in the morning and in the evening.
  • Lady fingers is another effective herb for this disease. An infusion of this herb is prepared by boiling 100 gm of the fresh vegetable, slice transversely, in half a liter of water for a period of 20 minutes. It should then be sieved and sweetened with some honey. This infusion should be
    administered in doses of 60ml to 90 ml from time to time. This mixture is useful in all irritable cases of genito-urinary organs, especially leucorrhoea.
  • Fenugreek seeds are extremely beneficial for the treatment of leucorrhoea. They are to be used internally in the form of tea, and also applied as a douche. For a douche, the solution should be much concentrated than tea. Add two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds into one liter of cold water and allowed to infuse for 30 minutes over a low flame. The decoction should then be filtered; then applied as a douche.
  • The tender leaves of guava are useful in the treatment of this leucorrhoea. Boil some tender leaves of guava in water to make an infusion. An infusion should be used as a douche. It is a powerful
    vaginal astringent.
  • Mango seeds are of greater benefit in the treatment of leucorrhoea. Prepare a paste by removing the shell of the seeds and then pound them into paste. A teaspoon of paste can be applied inside the vagina with tremendous results.
  • Make a decoction of Babul tree bark by boiling some of the Babul tree bark in hot water for some minutes. Then applied the decoction of Babul tree bark as a vaginal douche.
  • Subject one tablespoon of Banyan tree bark powder and fig tree bark powder to boil in one liter of water until the 1 liter water is reduced to half a liter. Douche with the lukewarm decoction. It will keep the vaginal tract tissues healthy.
  • Soak seeds of tamarind in water for one day or two. And then pound the seeds to form paste. Mix some milk with it. Take this paste frequently.

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