At-Home Exercises

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You can work on your natural posture even during everyday tasks like brushing your teeth or standing at your kitchen counter. Explore these mindful movement sequences in the comfort of your own home throughout your day, and notice how much your posture begins to improve.

Tip: Set your alarm five minutes early so you’ll have time to start your day with this stretch.

Tips: Don’t tense your shoulders during step 3 or roll your ankles in or out during the calf raises in step 4. Make sure to micro-bend your knees to avoid hyperextension. Avoid this exercise if you have acute Achilles tendon or calf injuries.

Tips: During the bird dog, keep your head, arm, and leg aligned with your spine. Engage your core so your lower back doesn’t arch. Avoid this sequence if you have knee or wrist injuries.

Tips: Use your glutes. Keep your hips square to avoid your top hip rolling forward.

Tips: Articulate your spine one vertebra at a time. Make the move slow and deliberate without relying on momentum. Remember to breathe. For a slightly easier version, place your feet under a couch for support or use a resistance band to assist in the roll-up.

Tips: At the high point, your pelvis should form a straight line with your knees and chest. Engage your core. Avoid this exercise if you have acute back pain or if you don’t have a mat or padded surface to do it on.

Tips: Engage your core, without holding your breath. Avoid this exercise if you have shoulder or spine injuries.

Tips: You can do this exercise sitting or standing. Keep your shoulders neutral so they stay mobile, and don’t let tension pull them up. Avoid this exercise if you have shoulder injuries or pain.

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